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Meet......Princess Diana

DOB = Aug 28, 2022

Color = Black Tortie

Momma = Barbie

Daddy = Willy Wonka

Princess DIANA has been DNA tested for all known feline diseases & is clear. Including:

HCM (heart disease) = NEGATIVE

PKD (kidney disease) = NEGATIVE

PK (blood disease) = NEGATIVE

PRA (eye/Retinal atrophy) = NEGATIVE

D.O.B.: 08/28/2022

COLOR: ds 22

Princess Diana is personality PLUS! She is talkative (like her daddy) and has a funny way of communicating exactly what she wants to her humans. Her look is fierce, but her personality is lighthearted and happy-go-lucky! Princess Diana has a beautiful coat of thick silky fur (not dry) that is surprisingly easy to groom with very few fur balls.

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