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Meet "Vagelis"

Huge Large Maine coon Cat Breeder

Vagelis has been DNA tested for all known feline disease & is clear. Including:




D.O.B.: 06/21/2018

COLOR: ns 22

Scroll all the way down--to see all the photos!

Meet our Stud cat!

 He is AMAZING to watch & admire! Vagelis doesn't "meow" he says, "Mrrrrr". He is incredibly friendly and affectionate. I can't wait to see how this beautiful boy does in the show ring. To know Vagelis is to love this BIG, BOLD, & BEAUTIFUL maine coon!

We are so proud of this sweet boy! 

Maine Coon Cattery

It's so nice when the light catches his beautiful eyes "just right"!..... BUT I kept moving the light .... so he began squinting & closing his eyes--or one eye open & one eye closed!! We had a lot of fun taking these photos---- he's such a good sport!! LOVE LOVE LOVE boy!!!  

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