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Choices, Choices soooooo Many Choices!!

This page was created to HELP you make an important decision 

Please help!! ....what's most important to you?

​ You can't have it all, so choose what's MOST important to you.

  • COLOR. I get many texts/emails saying I want "some specific color". If your heart is set on a particular color, maybe this is what is MOST important to you. Photographs show color well. However, you are living with a cat, not a color.

  • SIZE. Some people want a really BIG cat. Maybe this what is MOST important to you? ...and color is not as important

  • GENDER. Maybe you prefer a female and this is MOST important to you. 

  • HEALTH. Did you recently have a cat die of a disease? Maybe health testing is MOST important to you?

  • TEMPERMENT. Do you have children and want a playful cat? Maybe temperament is MOST important to you?

  • COAT. Maybe fluffy or not fluffy is MOST important to you?


Each cat is PERFECT (in the eyes of his owner)!

Each one of my cats is unique & has certain qualities that I love about each one! But even the GRAND INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION is not a perfect cat!

So mostly, go with your heart! And LOVE will do the rest....ENJOY your new furry baby & never expect him/her to be perfect! 

We love the "relationships" in our life. A cat can live for 10-20 years. Your heart attaches to a living fur baby(not a color)! 

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