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Our little family has always LOVED animals!  We are passionate about preserving ALL breeds of animals. We have 2 dogs and 5 cats. Our family has lived in many different countries due to my husband's work....and finally "landed" in our home, Texas!  Our animal-family is multi-cultural: Poodle = Oklahoma USA, Maine Coon #1= Oklahoma USA, Shih tzu = Hungary, Maine Coon #2= Greece, Maine Coon #3 & 4= Ukrainian, Maine Coon #5 = Russian ...... I am amazed at each of our animals' unique and special personalities that make them who they are!   

About Our Family

Meet the FAMILY

Our family can never decide who LOVES which pet the most.....this is an ongoing debate and it's what we talk about when we have nothing else to talk about! ....WE ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT OUR PETS!! Conversations with my family often revolve around our "animals". 

For my Family: animals make us happy!! They make us smile!! They make us laugh!! They love us unconditionally.......and they are sooooooo CUTE!!! 

Check BigTexCoons Maine Coon Kittens Page to see if we have Maine Coon kittens for sale or Maine coon Cats available for Adoption! 


The Momma Kitten

(The one who runs the show!!??)

Maine Coon Family

The Big Daddy Cat

(Chief Architect in charge ----- and he pays for everything!)

Main coon cats kittens for sale

The Kreative Kitten

(Execturive Photographer)

main coon cats california
Meredith & Addie

The 2 Little Kittens

(In Charge of Playtime & Happiness)

Our Team
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