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BigTexCoons FAQ
 (frequently asked questions)


The size of your male cat is going to be somewhere between 15-23lbs (generally). But females are smaller, females will weigh between 12-18lbs (generally). 

Not everything about the size of a cat is weight-based. Some have dense bones and weigh like a brick!! Others can be tall and lanky and weigh less, but just as large.

Each cat is an individual, just like people. Cats inherit genetics and we hope for the best! We all want the biggest and most beautiful cat….and it has been my experience that every cat owner knows that HIS cat is certainly the BEST IN THE WHOLE WORLD!! And sometimes we even enter the cat shows to prove it!! However, no breeder can guarantee a size, but they can give you a good indication!


The "simple answer is NO.....Anyone can take a kitten off the street without papers and breed it. But if you pay for an expensive cat, I will list the reasons below why you WANT papers:

(a) REPUTABLE BREEDER: Breeders who are serious about breeding Maine Coons and improving the breed will have the proper documentation. This assures buyers that they are following proper guidelines. Before you spend your money, please make sure your breeder is “certified” by one of the major registries TICA, FIFE, or CFA. Why?  Because these registered Breeders know the breed standard. These breeders should be committed to improving the bloodlines of their cats and the breed

(b) KITTEN QUALITY: Often purchasing a cat is done over the phone and without seeing the cat and therefore, it is crucially important to know WHO you are buying from and WHAT kind of cat you will be getting. Registries such as TICA and CFA have rules and regulations that catteries must agree with in order to be certified.

(c) If you are buying a purebred cat WITHOUT papers, then unfortunately, the litter of your kitten was NOT registeredYou cannot know if your cat is a purebred. I cannot say that it isn't, but you must ask yourself the question of why a proper main coon cattery would NOT register their kittens?


A lesson in Genetics...... the Silver Maine Coon

  • Silver is the absence of color/pigment on the bottom the hair shaft (near the skin). On striped tabbies this gene ALSO affects the hairs in-between colored stripes. The gene that stops color from forming on the hair is represented genetically with the capital letter ” I “ (for inhibitor). Genetically it is dominant.

  • Not all cats carry an inhibitor (silver) geneParents who have no silver genetics cannot produce silver babies! I LOVE the silver color & it's effect so my male is a BLACK/silver. Because of the silver's "genetic dominance" many (most) of my kittens will exhibit the silver.

If the father is silver, & silver is dominant, why will not ALL of my kittens be silver? 

Because they're are not genetically homogeneous. Charting the Gene looks like this: "II" (silver dominant) .."Ii" (silver dominant)..  "ii" (not silver)

  • Cats come in only 2 patterns: SOLID pattern (recessive) or STRIPE pattern (dominant)! A striped kitten showing silver is called a "silver". A solid kitten showing silver is called a "SMOKE". 

  • A SMOKE kitten appears solid at birth because it is a solid cat with the silver gene. In smokes (solids), the "silver" is the undercoat and the undercoat will grow as the kitten matures (until about age 3). Newborn kittens aren't born with the undercoat fur yet. Immediately after birth we cannot tell, but genetically we can guess about 75% probability (from the parents).

  • A STRIPED kitten will show silver at birth. A stripe requires 2 colors (think candy cane). Luckily, the silver effects 1 of the stripe colors. So we have Black/silver, or Blue/silver, red/silver and so on. The silver still effects the undercoat on striped kittens. 

  • Silver kittens CHANGE as they mature. Maine coons grow until they are about 3 years old. The undercoat is missing at birth and continues fill-out and develop until your kitten is mature. Because the silver effects the undercoat, it's full effect will not be seen in small kittens!  I have included a link (near this question #4) to help you see the dramatic change from newborn to about 6 months.


All BigTexCoons kittens are REGISTERED and have papers (TICA or CFA). After spay (neuter) papers will be given.


Yes, I will ship a kitten within the United States. Buyer pays exact shipping + $45 handling fee.


A minimum deposit of $500 is required to reserve your kitten.  The deposit is non-refundable.

BigTexCoons no longer accepts waiting list reservations


BIGTEXCOONS prices are as follows:

$2500 - $3500.

What's the difference in pricing? 

Prices are based on size. 

"BIGTEXCOONS reserves the right to change raise or lower the price of a special kitten if necessary.

Once you choose your new kitten, a  deposit of $500 reserves the kitten of your choice.  Please note, that the deposit is not refundable, but it is subtracted from your purchase price.

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