"Some" indication of the amount of silver your kitten will exhibit can be (sort-of) "determined" at birth. This is noted by the amount of silver on the face.  The more silver on face, the lighter he/she should be as a mature cat. The darker the face, the darker your cat should be at maturity.

The photos below are all the same kitten (black/silver). The silver really shows through and we see the STRIKING & AMAZING Black/silver! 

Black/Silver newborn
Strong silver face
about 4 weeks
4-6 weeks
light face showing black
6-8 wks side dark
4 months Thanks Chelsea
Gorgeous Black/Silver
6 months
6 months
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In a RED SILVER please note how the color will get lighter as the undercoat begins to grow.

Thanks Bobby for letting me post the photos of this GORGEOUS boy!

Very light face
3-4 weeks
Red tipped hair
4 weeks
6-8 weeks
12 weeks
Amazing FACE!!
LOVE those ears!!
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Black/Silver DAD

Black/Siver DAD to all my kittens


Black silver BIG DADDY


Better view of DAD's side color


DADDY as baby! I think he is about 6-8 weeks here. Notice how dark his coat is


Mom...not looking happy about the holding posture!


Nice side view of Sofia..Black/silver tortie tabbie

Both of these parents are black silver. I am amazed at the variety of colors they produce! But, almost all of their kittens will have silver.

Here is a snap shot from our black SMOKE. Very nicely shows 2 tone hairs. The pigment is only on the tips and the underside has no pigment!

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