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"Some" indication of the amount of silver your kitten will exhibit can be (sort-of) "determined" at birth. This is noted by the amount of silver on the face.  The more silver on face, the lighter he/she should be as a mature cat. The darker the face, the darker your cat should be at maturity.

The photos below are all the same kitten (black/silver). The silver really shows through and we see the STRIKING & AMAZING Black/silver! 

In a RED SILVER please note how the color will get lighter as the undercoat begins to grow.

Thanks Bobby for letting me post the photos of this GORGEOUS boy!

Black/Silver DAD

Black/Siver DAD to all my kittens


Black silver BIG DADDY


Better view of DAD's side color


DADDY as baby! I think he is about 6-8 weeks here. Notice how dark his coat is


Mom...not looking happy about the holding posture!


Nice side view of Sofia..Black/silver tortie tabbie

Both of these parents are black silver. I am amazed at the variety of colors they produce! But, almost all of their kittens will have silver.


Here is a snap shot from our black SMOKE. Very nicely shows 2 tone hairs. The pigment is only on the tips and the underside has no pigment!

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