July 25, 19 (DOB)

All test results clear (including):

HCM = neg      

SMA = neg      

PKdef = neg

Color: d (red solid)

SONY is being offered for adoption. Super sweet and affectionate gril. Funny and intellegentl! However, she is infertile and will be spayed and offered as a pet. My sad loss here!! 


text if you are interested 

(almost 2 yr)

SONYA is not a lazy cat, she is full of energy and does everything with GUSTO! She is very interested in everything we do, and constantly watching every move we make! Extremely "people oriented"....could have issues with other cats (especially in the beginning). She can be rolly and lovable....but doesn't like that FLUFFY belly rubbed!! She will attack your hand if you touch her belly! :( But wants lots of love everywhere else!! Even lays around my neck sometimes trying to get so close!!...going to miss this girl!!

If you are interested call or text to inquire 

IMG_9740 (1)
addie and sonya